Tree-D's Pole Scanning and Classification System provides non-contact circumference measurements for pole categorization. The system records production data available via a plug in USB memory drive for external generation of reports. The system consists of Tree-D's Model T241 laser scanners and a touch screen operator interface module.


The Model T241 scanner is an electronic distance measurement device with an operating range of 14 to 44 inches and a scan angle of 40 degrees. The laser is a near infrared device which is visible as red to improve ease of maintenance. The scanner can operate over a temperature range of 0 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The system can be configured using either two or three scanners. The three-scanner system provides greater accuracy and can operate in a limited fashion if one of the scanners is damaged.

The scanners mount using a simple mechanical system making alignment and adjustment easy. Because the scanners contain an internal heating and cooling system, subsequent alignment adjustments are usually not required.