Tree-D Automatic Log Rotation Systems

Tree-D supplies an affordable automated solution to correctly orient logs on CNS infeeds, sharp chain systems, or any other type of log charging application. Tree-D's Automatic Log Rotation System consists of a scanning station and computer hardware and software to compute the optimum log rotation angle. Systems can be constructed using the Model T261 scanner in two or four scanners-per-ring configurations.

Tree-D also offers a Machine Vision System which augments the Log Rotation System. The vision system uses video cameras to detect and track naturally occurring features present on the ends of logs, providing feedback to the log turning system and significantly improving log turning accuracy. An error signal is presented to the PLC during the turning process indicating under- or over-turn.

Tree-D understands that few mills are identical, so we work with you, your machinery manufacturer and your electrical controls personnel to design and implement the finest single source combination of scanners and software available today.

Supported PLCs include Allen-Bradley (most models), Siemens and Automation Direct. Other types possible upon request.