Tree-D's premier software product, our Primary Breakdown Control and Optimization Software, provides an automated system for producing optimized log solutions faster than any other available optimization package. The system interfaces with scanning systems and PLCs to identify log shape and length, then, using a complete set of user configurable parameters, computes a sawing solution specific to the log being optimized.

Tree-D's Primary Breakdown Optimization System includes Tree-D's Report Generator and Offline Simulation. This software provides a familiar user interface for the modification of mill properties and sawing preferences, a detailed production history, and the ability to replay saved log data with varying parameters for simulation.

Tree-D understands that few mills are identical, so we work with you, your machinery manufacturer and your electrical controls personnel to design and implement the finest single source combination of scanners and software available today.

Supported PLCs include Allen-Bradley (most models), Siemens and Automation Direct. Other types possible upon request.