Tree-D Model T241 High Resolution Scanner

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The Tree-D Model T241 laser scanner uses optical triangulation to scan a bright laser spot producing a high signal-to-ambient light level ratio. This allows operation in full sunlight. Accuracies of 0.003"are achieved depending on working distance.

Conventional "light shear" scanning systems use laser line generator optics to spread the laser energy out over a line. The T241 scans a single, bright laser spot across the surface. Using a single moving mirror, a line scan imager tracks the laser spot. This produces laser intensity at any given surface point tens to hundreds of times brighter than if it were spread out over a long line.

The T241 contains its own temperature control system, maintaining the laser and sensor circuitry to a narrow temperature range. This ability to regulate internal temperature maintains high scanner accuracy over the entire working temperature range.

The scanning mirror is driven when commanded to scan. Each T241 scanner contains an advanced RISC architecture microcontroller that communicates to a data concentrator computer through a high-speed serial connection. The distance measurement samples are translated into X and Y coordinates representing the surface of the object being scanned. These coordinates are buffered on the concentrator computer and made available as a server process over ethernet.

Scanner Performance
Measurement speed 7200 samples/sec
Scanning speed 10 scans/sec maximum
The scanner needs to be protected from rain and direct sunlight. Rain impairs the ability of the system to measure correctly. Direct sunlight can overload the temperature control ability of the unit and cause overheating. Sunlight does not otherwise adversely affect the T241 scanner.
Operating temperature range (°F) 26-122
Size (W,L,H in inches) 9.75 x 4.00 x 4.00
Weight (lbs) 5
Mounting 3 5/16-20 Screws
Laser wavelength (nm) 690
Laser power (mw) 20
Measurement system Single-axis triangulating
Useful range (inches) 22-42
Scanning angle (degrees) 40
The T241 scanner has two glass windows treated with a scratch resistant coating. Scanner operation is directly affected by the windows' condition. Ordinary window cleaning products can be used to clean the windows as needed.
Power requirements +24VDC at1A
Communications interface RS-422
Communications data rate (baud) 460,800
Maximum scanner to concentrator cable length (ft) 400
The T241 scanner can be used in data acquisition applications anywhere high accuracy is required under harsh environments including high ambient light, high vibration and mild contamination. These environments include lumber mills, pole manufacturing plants, etc.

T241 scanners can be arranged in pairs, triplets or quad-scanner arrangements to provide a scan plane permitting a full 360 degrees of coverage with overlap.